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As a hairstylist, my specialty has always been curly hair.  I spent years trying to find the perfect product line to cater to the needs of curly and wavy hair.

I eventually met the chemist Rob Guimond, who worked for Sojourn at the time. Hearing him voice his passion for choosing the right ingredients, strengthening hair, and the importance of maintaining a perfect pH balance in his products, I began using the product line he personally created: Hair pHix.

I realized that his products worked perfectly for what I had been trying to accomplish for so many years.

We are proud to now offer Saphira, the very first female-owned natural hair care line! With its 26 minerals, each product is designed to heal and repair your hair, with no sulfates or parabens. Saphira boasts four categories of products for every type of hair: Hydration, for normal/dry hair; Healing, for repair for all hair types; Volume, for fine and thin hair; and Curly, for wavy and curly hair. Saphira also has a Design line of products which can be used to sculpt and style all hair types.

Here’s what customers have to say about Saphira:

“This mineral mud is AMAZING!! My hair is fine and color treated and can be very dry and frizzy. I was able to use this sample three times and I could see a difference immediately. It smells amazing too.”

“I am in love with this! It smells unbelievable, I really want to wear it as a perfume! Also, my hair has zero frizz right now, which is saying something because it is static electricity season and I have naturally curly hair. I will be buying this for sure!”

“I love this product. I was weary, but so intrigued so I tried it right away. As soon as I rinsed, I knew my hair was different…not different, but better! It felt light and bouncy and soft as if I had just had it taken care of at my salon. I love this product!”

Hair pHix utilizes cysteine amino acids taken from plant stem cells. The amino acids penetrate deep within the cuticle to hydrate and strengthen the hair, as well as boost the integrity of the curl. It is a niche, signature line that we are so proud to offer.

Guimond’s products are also created with the environment in mind—they are biodegradable and as eco-friendly as possible.

The Hair pHix formulas combined with my knowledge of curly hair allows us to offer results for our clients that they cannot find anywhere else.