We want to transform the way you think about your curls.

In order to best serve our customers with hair ranging from wavy to ringleted, especially new clients, we ask you to complete this short survey about your curls and how you currently maintain and style them.


After completing the survey, feel free to call us to talk about what type of appointment you should make. If you want to go ahead and make an appointment, here are some things to keep in mind:

When you get to our list of services, choose “Other” from the category dropdown to see our Curly Hair services.

  • Do you have Thick or VERY Thick, Curly hair of medium-length or longer? Schedule a “Women’s Spiral Haircut (New)”
  • All other curly-haired folks should select “Women’s Curly Cut (New)”
  • Are you ready to make a major change and have medium to thick hair? We’ll do a complimentary consultation – the first option in the “Other” section of services.
  • Not sure what you need? Please call – we are here to help!
styling a recent client with wavy hair