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Curl Perms At Hair Bella Salon


  • You can expect to have a FREE thorough consultation with your stylist before booking.
  • You will be given proper instruction for your safety while your service is being performed.
  • You should expect to take anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on your hair length, type of hair, and density.  This process could take longer and cost more if you choose a small rod, and have long hair.
  • You will be given a Take Home Sheet that has all of the instructions you need to remember for “after care”.  This is extremely important.
  • You will be expected to wait for 72 hours ( 3 days) before you can shampoo or wet your hair)
  • Styling and maintaining your curls will be different than what you’re use to doing.

Please contact us by phone, email, or through one of our contact forms on the home page if you have any questions regarding curl perms or scheduling.

There are many different sizes to choose from.  Typically the solutions we use are marked “true to rod size” meaning that the size of the rod you choose determines the actual curl size.  Length of hair will loosen this shape, as long wet hair will pull the spiral and lessen the curl.  This is why styling product and detail to how you dry it is important. Your stylist will help you determine the curl/wave pattern you’re looking for and ask you how you will be wearing your hair, so that they may determine how to place the rods.

The word Perm is the short word for Permanent.  When a stylist reshapes your curl, they are permanently changing the interior structure of the hair from straight to curved.  Permanent does not mean unbreakable.  Following the home care instructions is vital to its potential longevity.

Curl strength and definition will depend on the products you use and the curl type you choose.  We always recommend a trim after the perm has been placed, so that the ends will not get crunchy, dry, or brittle.  This is normal in any salon when the hair has been re-formed around a perm rod.

Perms are popular for teens, men, and women,   We have had many teens coming in for perm appointments because they like the ease of scrunch and go, and letting their hair air dry.  Others just need to add volume to their hair as it is either too flat for them to easily style, or doesn’t naturally have enough bounce.

A Partial Perm is a method of only perming a certain area of the head.  This is usually recommended for those who have irregularities in their natural curl pattern.  We normally see those who have smoother or straighter hair on top, and curly underneath.  This can sometimes be corrected with a curl cut, but won’t be as effective as a perm in some cases.

A Body Wave is a type of perm where it only adds bounce or texture to the hair.  If hair is too smooth for clients wishes, we can perform a Body Wave service by using large perm rods instead of curly ones.

*Note: Perming your hair with large rods DOES NOT replace the need for heat styling your hair with a tool.  Your hair probably won’t look like the pictures of hair styled with a curling iron.  It does however keep your hair shaped for longer after heat styling.